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Meet Amelia

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Integrative Healing Practitioner™


Meet Sandra Kelberlau

An Integrative Healing Practitioner™  

At age 41, I developed alopecia and lost all of my hair.  That started me on a journey to find answers and try everything.  Some things helped me feel better, other things made me feel worse, and nothing helped me grow hair.  In 2020 I entered a clinical trial for a new drug and had some success.  Despite this, I still wanted to understand better why this happened, what my body needed and how to support it.  I started working with an Integrative Healing Practitioner, and she transformed my health in ways I didn't expect. Today I am feeling great AND growing hair.

Now, as a certified Integrative Healing Practitioner, I'm ready to help you.  I've done a lot, I've learned a ton, and I can meet you wherever you are in your health journey. 

What could be keeping you from healing?

Heavy Metals
Metabolic Issues
In this program, we find out what's holding you back.


Woman on a Deserted Road
Why Naturopathy

Why Integrative Healing? 

It can help with

Nature Reserve

The Integrative Healing Program is designed for people who are facing health challenges or are concerned about their long term health.  Whether you are taking medication, want to go the natural route, or would like to combine methods, this program can help motivated people achieve their goals and feel great. You can stop taking supplements you don’t need, start targeting deficiencies through testing, and be guided through a complete healing program.


Phase 1: Rebalance and Repair 

· Run foundational tests: Genetics, Blood Work, and the Great Plains Organic Acids test.

· Address nutritional deficiencies, balance neurotransmitters, repair detoxification pathways, and support metabolism.


Phase 2: Hormones and Gut Work 


· Run DUTCH test to find and address hormonal imbalances.

. Run Parawellness test to find and treat parasites/protozoa.

. Run GI Map to find and treat H pylori, bacterial overgrowth, and intestinal health issues




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