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This is My Story

Meet Sandra


My health journey began soon after my first son was born with a rare genetic disorder. I had honestly not given much thought to health before, and in many ways took it for granted. At 5 months old he landed in the hospital with catastrophic seizures, and over the next few years we struggled, not knowing what his outcome would be. We had some great doctors, and although the care they provided was the best in the country, I had to change the type of person I was during this time. I had to become an advocate for my child. I had to become educated, but also listen to my gut when I realized something was not right. We had to make choices, push back when something wasn’t working, and find new care when we were not being listened to. He recovered from his seizure disorder and is thriving today. 


A couple years after my second child was born, I developed alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. It started quite suddenly, after a round of antibiotics.  My hair started shedding, and it didn’t stop until I’d lost every hair on my body. I lost my eyebrows, eyelashes, and even nose hair. This was a shocking transformation for me. I didn’t recognize myself. At the time, there were no effective treatments for such a severe form of alopecia areata, so I did not receive treatment. I was convinced my hair would come back on its own. I thought if I just figured out how the antibiotics had triggered my hair loss, I could correct and reverse it. I delved into gut healing, convinced this was the key. I changed my diet, cut gluten, cut dairy, eventually cut grains. I swallowed mountains of probiotics, and tons of vitamins and minerals. Every time I read about a supplement or probiotic or prebiotic, anything that may have helped someone else, I tried it. I spent a lot of money, but I did not regrow any hair. 


During this time, I told myself hair was not important. I can live without hair. It could be worse. I was okay with it. Then one day, after being bald for six years, I was no longer okay with it, and decided it was time to head back to the dermatologist to see if anything new could be done. We tried a few things that did not work, then a clinical trial opened up nearby, where a new drug was being tested for severe alopecia areata. 


I entered the trial, and within six months I had regrown nearly 70% of my hair. My eyelashes were back, and my brows were starting to fill in. I was thrilled. After one year, the trial ended for me, and I had to start over. Again I had to become educated, and again I had to become an advocate, this time for myself. I found a reputable source for JAK inhibitors, and found a dermatologist to support me. I learned as much as I could about how the drugs worked, and possible side effects. I started a Facebook group for people who were also trying the new treatments so we could support each other and share information. I liked that my hair was growing, but it was not perfect. My hair was thinner than before, and there were side effects- acne, weight gain, and increases in cholesterol. There were other symptoms I’d been dealing with for years, well before taking the new drug- fatigue, digestive issues, worsening allergies. I tried treating these symptoms with supplements, but I wasn’t seeing the whole picture, and I didn’t understand exactly what I needed. 


Then someone told me about Sandie Gascon and her whole body approach to healing chronic illness. I liked that she ran tests to figure out exactly what people needed before starting treatment. And I liked that she had a plan for how to supplement, how long to supplement, and how to move through a healing program in a systematic way to achieve specific goals. 


We started by looking at my genetics, blood work, and urinary organic acids. She found deficiencies and suboptimal nutrient levels that no doctor had ever seen or offered to help with. My thyroid was sluggish, my metabolism could use a boost, my detoxification pathways needed support, and mold was an issue. Within a month of starting with her, my energy levels improved dramatically. Within two months my menstrual cycle was back to normal (it had become short over the past several years and I assumed maybe I was going into early menopause. Nope- just needed some nutrition). After all of this support was on board and I was feeling good, we began gut work. We started with clearing parasites/protozoa, and during the protocol my acne disappeared. Currently, we are tackling bacterial pathogens and dysbiosis. Her approach takes time, but I have felt good throughout. No die-off, no detox symptoms. By moving slowly and systematically, my body is able to handle the work and clear the toxins safely. 


Last spring, when Sandie started talking about offering a practitioner course, I realized this was what I needed to do next. I’ve always loved helping other people, and here was a chance to learn how to do it. I am blown away by the extent of knowledge and resources in this program. I have loved learning from Sandie. I’m helping my family become healthier, and now I’m starting to help other people overcome symptoms, correct underlying issues, and live vibrant lives. 


Is my story complete? No, I’ve got a ways to go, but I feel great, and I’m open to see where this journey takes me next.

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