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Does All Disease Really Start in the Gut?

This is a popular idea, and it’s one that people like because they think they can change their gut. I would argue that all disease really starts with genetics, and I can tell you, from experience, that it’s easier to change your genetics than it is to change your gut.

Why? While our genetics themselves don’t really change, our epigenetics can and do change. Epigenetics is the term for how our genes turn on and turn off due to changes in our environments. By environments, I am talking about the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the toxins we are exposed to. Of course, the toxins we are exposed to are present in the air, the water, and food, so it’s important to purify these things as well as we can.

But… we can’t live in the 21st century without exposing ourselves to 21st century toxins, so what we really need to do is make our bodies resilient to the toxins. And the way we do that is by repairing and strengthening our detoxification pathways.

Which brings us back to genetics. COMT, MAO-A, MTHFR, CBS, GAD, MTR, MTRR, VDR, and other genetic snps can be analyzed to determine where your genetic detoxification susceptibilities lie. And when paired with a full blood panel, it’s not difficult to see where deficiencies lie. Deficiencies that can be corrected with supplements and a few diet changes.

I spent years, literally, trying to change my gut microbiome with supplements, probiotics, prebiotics, and diet changes. I thought this would improve my autoimmune disease. I did not succeed on any grand scale, and that may be a good thing, because my gut was responding to my environment and trying to protect me. After I discovered my genetic issues, and started rebuilding and supporting my detoxification pathways with targeted supplementation, along with targeted testing, I found out why my body was reacting the way it was. And I was able to correct it.

Do I still have an autoimmune disease? Yes, because memory B cells are really difficult to overcome after crossing over to the dark side that is autoimmunity. But… I feel 100% better. My fatigue (one of my biggest symptoms) is gone, my skin is clear, and my brain is functioning optimally. I feel optimistic for the first time in years.

If you suspect you have detoxification issues, and honestly most people living in the world do, get your genetics tested, get a full blood panel, and work with a practitioner who knows how to help. After detoxification pathways are supported and functioning, after the environment is improved, and the body is well supported, then look at the gut. Do targeted testing, and address issues. Your body is worth it.

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